Preparation for the Spring Market

2019 has arrived and with the New Year comes our plans and resolutions. If you are planning to sell your home this year now is the time to begin. Below are some easy steps you can take to get a head start on the process of “Listing” your home.

The fun part about this step in the process is you are preparing your home to create 2 first impressions:

  • The first is curb appeal – when the prospective buyers pull up in front of your house.

  • The second is the impact of the interior features – the moment the buyers walk up to your front door and enter your home.

Creating these impressions is a very important part of the listing process and with a little time and money you will significantly improve the salability of your home. Your efforts will display pride of ownership and are a key step to attracting multiple buyers willing to pay top dollar.

Painting and cleaning followed by repairs inside and out and replacing worn out carpets are low cost, frequently overlooked, improvements that will add significantly to the salability of your home.

Your equity is important!! It is to your benefit financially to take the Initiative and prepare your home to sell!!

Call John Tompkins if you have any questions.

1st Impression – Curb Appeal

Exterior Features:

  1. De-clutter the yard, by removing toys/tools.

  2. Apply fresh paint to your doors and windows.

  3. Wash windows and screens.

  4. Make sure the gutters look good and are in good working order.

  5. Keep the driveway and sidewalks salted and free of snow.

  6. Patch holes in the driveway.

  7. Mow the lawn, trim the hedges, plant fresh flowers to add extra color.

  8. Place a nice mat at the front door, and a pot of blooming flowers, when the season permits.

2nd 1st Impression – Entering your Home

Interior Features:

The following conditions particularly 1 and 2, if not addressed, often result in prospective buyers stepping into your home and leaving without going through it.

  1. Household odors – animal, cooking, or smoking – any and all dominant odors need to be neutralized. Your home should smell fresh and clean.

  2. Clutter – Clear counters and table surfaces, pack up your personal belongings while simultaneously packing for your move. Show closets as closets not mini-storage units.

  3. Dated decor, not depersonalizing, and carpets that are dirty or in need of replacement.

  4. Minor disrepair, cracked windows, stains, holes in the walls, loose railings, and lights that need to be replaced.