Kris Rodale

Relocating Professional

As a single parent from the Midwest, I had a little on my plate! I was relocating for a new job and setting up roots in New York, selling my home in Missouri and all within 45 days! I couldn’t have done it without John! I met John through our relocation department and he immediately contacted me to get the process started. I made one house-hunting trip over a weekend where John set up a plan to ensure I was provided ample opportunity to search the market. It was a long weekend, but we looked at a lot of places. At no time did I feel pressured to make any premature decisions. My daughter and I found a house that not only met all of our needs but was also within our budget, and most importantly time frame. John kept me informed at every step. He ensured that he was always available, promptly responded to my requests or any third party requests, and at the end of the day that I was comfortable with every decision I made. I would highly recommend John to anyone purchasing or selling a home. He is very personable, knowledgeable, and has extraordinary negotiation skills to get the job done.